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About FXGuru Private Room
Currency trading is becoming more and more popular and so many people start trading each day. Most of them (more then 99%) do not have enough knowledge, skills and routine to be successful. That's why 95% of all traders are constantly losing their accounts, one by one. Beating the FOREX market is unachievable, especially for single trader with small capital. But this does not mean it's not possible to profit at all. Here come the forex advisory services. There are tons of them in the internet. Unfortunately, as everywhere whit such demand, there are a lot of scams and totally unusable services. It's very difficult to find the right for you. Some times this may take more effort then learning to trade by yourself.
We have many years experience providing "Forex Signals" to our customers. Our key objective is fully satisfaction of our clients. That's why we have constantly researching the market and trying to develop the best service for you. That's how we develop the "FXGuru Private Room". This is a new generation of software, based on the latest web technologies. Whit "FXGuru Private Room" we are trying to serve the best signal service for you:
* Easy to follow - you see the exact trades you have to make. Not only flat Buy or Sell signal, but the exact entry level, stop and limit if any. You must only enter the adequate position in your trading platform(s).
* No Delay - if you receive your signals via email, mobile or other device there could be delay, which in fact eats your profit in long term and make it impossible to follow all of the trades, especially the real time ones. With our new platforms, you can follow all the trades in real time without delay, as you'll receive it in your browser instantly, even with pre-alert (visual and sound).
* Honest Results - fairly represented results was always our first objective. There are a lot of competitor services with amazing, even fantastic results... Open google and research a little bid about them. Of course you can do this about our service too. There are no significant changes in the new software.
* Profitable - Everybody seeks for profitable trading system. Here comes our major advantage against ALL our competitors. All other signal providers do not show global portfolio, which makes profit tracking almost impossible! The major missing component is the MONEY MANAGEMENT. You can have strategy giving you 1000 pips/month profit and you can lose your account money, and the opposite - you can have losing strategy (negative pips/month) and depending on money management to profit from it. Do not misunderstand, MM is not the Holy Graal, but both trading strategy and money management must be used hand in hand to have some reasonable result. That's why in "FXGuru Private Room" we are showing whole portfolio management, where the alert trading signals are just a part of portfolio management. You'll have the general view of whole investment process (open trades, invested capital, currently used capital, real time result).
* 10 Currency pairs - We are widening our scope to real time trading signals for 10 currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY, EURCAD, USDCAD, GBPCHF, GBPJPY.
* Visual Indicators - Real time visual indicators, which can assist you thru trading: Sentiment, Volatility, Trend, Overheat.
* Trading sessions alerts - This is unique option, you always know when we are trading. You receive alerts about start and end of each trading session and you can leave all trades during the rest time as "Set And Forget" type, no need to stay behind the computer day and night worrying not to leave a signal, broking your sleep and personal live at all.
* Market thoughts - You'll find market thoughts, charts and analysis about different pairs.
* No Download - No download required! Our software is based on the latest web technologies (WEB 2.0) and you can launch it on each computer having IE6 or later. No operating system requirements.

If you have any questions about Managed or Self-Traded Accounts, connected to, feel free to contact us at - THE RIGHT CHOICE !

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